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About us

Short and summarized.

We are a young, ambitious company that was created from a combination of many years of experience and tradition of furniture production with innovative processes in the furniture industry. The main product of our activity is the production of semi-finished products for the furniture industry and finished products for commercial equipment.

The production process takes place on state-of-the-art CNC technologies that ensure maximum quality and accuracy. The automatic surface treatment line enables us to mass-scale spray parts. We work on the basis of the requirements of our partners, which means that the material used, the technological processes, the design solutions are individually processed for each partner. We produce products that are distributed throughout the world and that is why quality is most important for us.

For our partners, we offer quality assurance with agreed delivery terms at an affordable price. Our main goal is to provide our partners with maximum complete service. Production - Optimization - Communication - Logistics.



With furniture production, we have over 20 years of experience that we are continually refining and flexibly responding...

MDF Doors

MDF Fronts

We produce MDF sprayed doors of various shapes and color variants while constantly developing new types...

Surface treatment


Our company performs customized surface treatment by hand spraying and large-area surface treatment of flat parts...

SIBU Design

SIBU Boards

We produce SIBU foil pressed boards, which we offer as a large-format material or ready for the exact size of the prepared parts...

Technological equipment

A brief description of what, how and where.

Our manufacturing technologies are from the world's leading manufacturers such as HOMAG, SCM furniture machines. These technologies enable us to achieve the highest quality of machining and provide sufficient production capacities for our partners.

Furniture Production Technologies:

  • HOLZMA HPL380 - Slicing center
  • HOLZMA HPL400 - Slicing center with automatic storage
  • HOMAG KAL210 - Edgebander
  • SCM OLIMPIC S215 - Edgebander
  • HOMAG VENTURE 20M - CNC drilling, milling and edging center
  • WEEKE BHC 350- CNC drilling, milling center
  • WEEKE BHX 500 - CNC drilling machine
  • MANNI - Two-tier press 3300x1300
  • SCM HYDRO 3800 - Formatting saw
  • SCM SI 350 class - Formatting saw
  • OTT OMEGA 11 - Wide equalizing grinder

Surface treatment technology:

  • Line of surface treatment SCM  SUPERFICI – COMPACT 3
  • Sprayer for narrow parts NETTUNO 80 K 27 P
  • Spray dry cabin SATA 4000
  • Mixing device FILLON

Green Company

Keeping and preserving the natural environment is very important to us and that's why in our company we try to produce our products in the best ecological way possible.

  • We use solar energy for the production of electric energy and warm water.
  • The resulting wood waste is professionally burned in an automatic system and the heat generated is used for the heating of production facilities and offices.
  • We use electric forklift trucks to reduce air pollution.
  • The resulting paper, plastic and metal waste is recycled.
  • Surface treatment is done with environmentally friendly water-based varnishes and paints or natural oils and waxes.

All of these activities in our company are directed towards one goal of preserving our nature for the next generation. These little steps seem to be superfluous, but we are convinced that we are doing the right thing.

Business partners

Our products can also be ordered and physically visited by our business partners where you can consult a professional staff.

Sample books and catalogs can be ordered directly at the store or via email address:

In numbers

A couple of numbers. They tell us about the nature and amount of work that is behind our company. We believe they will address you and point to unknown and unrecognized facts.


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What is said about us

We are grateful for each customer. The "Our Customer - Our Lord" rule applies to us and this approach is returned to us in the positive feedback of our customers. Thank you very much, and we believe you will keep us your favor.

Contact us:

If interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Šipošovské Kračany 515
930 03 Kostolné Kračany
Phone: +421/31/5521564

Organizational structure of the company:

Hanzel Zsolt
communication: SK,CZ,HU,DE

Production manager:
Vízy Štefan
communication: SK,HU

Production technician:
Vaško Peter
communication: SK,HU,EN,DE

Human Resources:
Ižmánová Alžbeta
communication:  SK,HU

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