Surface treatment


Our company performs customized surface treatment by hand spraying and large-area surface treatment of flat parts on the most modern automatic spray line of surface treatment. Based on years of experience in surface finishing for interior furniture units, we have set basic types of surfaces that are divided into the following categories.

TOP - high gloss
The surface is specified with a gloss degree of 98-99°. For this category, we use two-component PUR-based paints. After curing, the surface of the parts is polished to achieve the desired high degree of gloss. For this reason, we produce a high gloss on smooth, flat parts.

SOFT - matte
The surface is specified with a gloss degree of 20-30°, but adding another layer can achieve up to a degree of 5-10° (deep matte). In this category, PUR based coatings are two-component and one-component water-dilutable paints. After curing, the surface of the parts is finalized. Such a surface can be applied on both straight and milled parts.

POP - fine pearl structure
The surface is specified with a fine pearl and is achieved by mixing the basic matte color and structural powder. The mixture thus obtained will provide the desired fine pearl effect after curing. In this system, a two-component PUR coating material is used. The main advantage of such a surface is the higher resistance to mechanical damage and is anti-fingerprint. Application is possible on straight, shaped and milled parts.

SOUL - high gloss polyester
The surface is made up of several layers that create a transparent or enamel high gloss in the final effect. The first layer is an insulating varnish, applied in one layer. The second layer is a polyester base, applied as needed in one or two layers. The third layer is topcoat high gloss, applied in one or two layers. This coating is suitable for porous surfaces or fine-textured surfaces that we want to smooth out. Such a surface is very resistant to mechanical and water action.

FUN - pickling and paintcoat
Surface treatment of solid and veneered surfaces. Sorption based on water-dilutable mordants. Varnishes can be used for water-dilutable single-component lacquers with a gloss degree of 20-30° semi-gloss or a gloss degree of 5-10° deep matte. In porous woods the pores are not filled, so after curing the surface remains porous depending on the wood. Used high quality paints from the German manufacturer HESSE, which meet the strictest EU standards.

ROCK - brushed surface
Special treatment of hard and soft wood surfaces by a brush that creates recesses on the surface of the wood to highlight the wood structure. Such a surface is then lacquered with a transparent lacquer with a gloss degree of 5-10° deep matte. The surface after curing creates the effect of raw uncoated wood. This coating is recommended for light woods.


Patina: surface treatment of parts with a patina which is hand-wiped from the surface of the parts according to the intensity requirement of the patina effect. The patina is applied directly to natural raw wood or to a colored base that can be a wood or MDF board. Patterning is always done on the basis of a specific sample.
Oiling: Wood surface treatment with impregnating oil, which can be used as a lacquer to achieve the desired shade of wood. Waxing: Wood surface treatment with natural wax, which wraps the surface to close the surface of the wood. Such a surface needs to be restored depending on the environmental influences. Waxing is a surface treatment that does not have a detrimental effect on the environment or is ecological.


Our company has its own color mixing system according to RAL and NCS samplers. We mix colors for all kinds of surfaces.
TOP - high gloss
SOFT - matte
POP - structure
This system allows us to mix color based on an individual recipe when requesting a special shade.