SIBU Design

SIBU Design

We produce SIBU foil pressed boards, which we offer as a large-format material or ready for the exact size of the prepared parts...

SIBU decorative foils are made of plastic (HIPS) and are designed exclusively for the interior. The basic dimension is 2600x1000mm in various thicknesses. There are over 200 types of designs that mimic metal, stone, wood, glass, leather, and animal hair. Learn more at


Our company offers a stock collection of SIBU foils, which are pressed on chipboard in standard thicknesses 18mm and 10mm or on request in other thicknesses. The POWER collection consists of 14 types and we each have an identical ABS edge in a thickness of 1mm or 2mm. The use of SIBU boards is not only for the production of furniture, but can be fitted as wall cladding, door fillings or various decorative elements of the interior.


Exclusive front surfaces for the most demanding customers. The product is designed for frontal surfaces for interior furniture. By combining SIBU foil and aluminum profile, we have created exclusive surfaces with unusual individual design. Front panels can be used alone or combined with different materials (laminated board, veneered panel, solid wood, glass, metal, stone...). The basic type combinations are designed in seven types, which are manufactured on a one-piece basis. We offer the option of choosing a foil from the entire current offer of the manufacturer and make an individual version based on a particular order.

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