With furniture production, we have over 20 years of experience that we are continually refining and flexibly responding to the most current market demands.

Business facilities:

They are manufactured on the basis of precise customer requirements. These products are mostly a combination of different materials - wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone. Wooden parts are made of large-area materials such as laminated chipboard, MDF board, plywood, OSB board, compact board, which are processed in our production. Massive and veneered parts are processed and surface treated as required. For unrelated components, we have many years of reliable suppliers who can flexibly respond to current requirements. Completed products are packaged according to customer requirements. Pallet packaging or piece packaging are in our own produced cartons. All pallets and products are labeled with custom logos specified by the customer.

Project contracts:

Production of individual facilities of hotels, restaurants, offices and various interiors. Production takes place on the basis of precise technical documentation to be supplied by the customer or made with us. After machining, the parts are assembled by us or the assembly is done by the customer separately. According to the specification we provide furniture fittings from all world manufacturers such as BLUM, HETTICH, Häfele, Titus, SCH and others.

Manufacture of furniture parts:

Production of semi-finished products for furniture designers. Precision cut, banded and CNC machined parts. The parts are made of a large-area material laminated chipboard or veneered board. Finished parts are packaged on a EURO palette and marked with an accompanying sheet.


Local transport is provided by our own trucks. Our company cooperates with several forwarding companies, which provide us with transportation of goods at home and abroad.